Ways to Stay Active as a Family

Kids–despite their sometimes boggling boundless energy–can easily get into a sedentary routine with all the stillness that’s required of them. Car rides, school days, homework time, and the occasional Sunday morning cartoon can prevent them from developing key motor skills and strengthening their muscles, hearts, and lungs. Getting them into the habit of regular physical activity at a young age will not only help them lifetime in good health, but can also create a bonding experience should you choose to engage in the physical activities as well.man walking on the beach with child

Now, it may seem difficult–perhaps with your busy work day, the menial tasks that you’re responsible for at home, not to mention you’re raising children (a full time job on its own)–to get yourself to the gym every day, but now with the kids are included? It can seem downright impossible.

It isn’t! You just need to rethink what it is to exercise. Let go of counting reps and sets and lifting weights, and welcome the idea of an all-around active lifestyle (kids included!). Here are five great and easy activities any family could squeeze into any day to help them be more fit, have fun, and spend quality time together!

Sneak in exercise

Kids sometimes require us to be sneaky. Whether it’s sneaking some veggies inside their egg scramble, or telling them it’s chicken parm when it’s really eggplant, we can get our kids to exercise even when they don’t realize it. How? Here are just a few ways:

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator
  • Park in the farthest spot when taking them to school
  • Have them push their own cart at the supermarket instead of sitting in yours

Put them to work

When we give our kids the responsibilities they see us doing, it can absolutely be empowering for them. They realize we trust them with a task the adults are usually in charge of, and most times exceed our expectations. By taking some of those tasks and turning them into fun activities, you’ll be able to empower your children while also keeping them active.

During the winter, have them shovel the snow off sidewalks and driveways and once they’re finished, see who can build a snowman the fastest with all that snow they cleared off. When the leaves fall, give them their own kids-sized rakes to help rake piles of leaves to jump into later on!


Stay tuned for part two of this post, coming soon!