Ways to Stay Active as a Family – Part 2

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Get creative with choreslego-568039_960_720

Instead of asking your children to dust the living room or mop the floors and potentially giving them a Cinderella complex, get a little more creative. Tell your children dust aliens have descended upon Earth, and it’s up to only them to defeat them with their space-age broom! or the floor is quicksand, and they have the rescue their toys and teddy bears on the floor and bring them safely back home to their toy box before it’s too late! Not only will they be quick and to fulfill their chores, but they’ll do so happily!

Take pre- or post-dinner walks together

Taking walks around the neighborhood together can be a great way to bond; both you and your kids don’t have all the distractions of home clouding your minds, and it can be a little bit easier to engage your child when there isn’t a TV in the background, or a Lego set out to capture their attention. It’s also a great way to have your children become familiar with their neighborhood, discuss safe practices (i.e. crossing the street), and appreciate nature.

Commercial breaks = exercise spurts

We’re living in a modern, technologically advanced time. A time where it’s nearly impossible to limit your children’s screen time, because even when you haven’t turned on the TV or given them an iPad or tablet to play with, chances are they’ll pass by a screen on your way to school or the mall or the produce aisle of the grocery store. So when you do choose to give your kids a little TV action, make sure they’re not plopped in front of the screen in a trance. Use commercial breaks, which last usually somewhere between 30 seconds to 2 minutes, as a way to get in a quick burst of exercise. Jumping jacks, sit ups, stretches, and laps around the coffee tables are quick, easy, and fun ways to get their blood pumping during commercials!