Hiking Hot Spots in Ohio

Moving from Long Island to Ohio was tough, if just for loosing the easy access to the Atlantic. The beautiful beaches of Fire Island beckoned me and my family to remain outdoors for as often as we possibly could. When we moved inland to Columbus, we embraced an entirely different natural beauty: the hiking trails.

Hiking in Ohio is great, and I’ve been able to see some spectacular views of untouched stretches of land. Here are some of my favorite hiking spots the Buckeye state has to offer.

Prairie Oaks Metro Park

Found in Harrisburg, this location is perfect for the whole family, boasting beautiful scenery and a myriad of outdoor activities. Bored of hiking down their long, dizzying paths? You can ride horses, fish, or have a picnic. There’s even a pond designated specifically for dog swimming, so bring along Fido for some all-around fun!

Gorge Trail Metropark

Located in northeast Ohio at Cuyahoga Falls, this hiking hot spot has everything you could possible ask for: beautiful views and hiking paths that vary in levels, from easy to exhausting, and running up to 3 miles in length. The Gorge Trail Metropark takes hikers between large canyons, across dizzyingly beautiful root patterns, and past a beautiful waterfall.

Clear Creek Metro Park

Be aware: this trail is not for beginners. By far one of the toughest paths in Ohio, there are 12 miles of trails boasting steep hills, and hard, icy snow in the winter seasons. Located in Rockbridge, it’s easily one of the most beautiful sights, but not for the leisure-hiker.

Hocking Hills State Park

If I could only recommend one spot to hike at, this would absolutely be it. An easy hike boasting beautiful views, trails are marked and maintained by the state, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Like nothing else in Ohio, this state park found in Logan is divided into four sections based off the unique rock formations found here: Ash Cave & Cedar Falls, Old Man’s Cave, Rock House, and Cantwell Cliffs. Highlights of Hocking Hills include cliffs, stone stairways, waterfalls, and the “Devil’s Bathtub.”