Exercise Reduces Risk For These Cancers

A study conducted at the National Cancer Institute looked at and compared various cancer studies across the United States and Europe with the purpose of learning if exercise helps reduce the risk of cancer. Data from 1.4 million people were collected in total.

Those who exercised more than 90% of all the other participants were compared to those who exercised the least. Studies of different kinds were included in the findings with varied kinds of exercise at different effort levels.

Here are the numbers:

  • People who exercised the most had a 42% lower risk of esophageal cancer
  • A 27% lower risk of liver cancer
  • A 26% lower risk of lung cancer
  • A 23% lower risk of kidney cancer
  • A 22% lower risk of stomach cancer
  • A 21% lower risk of endometrial cancer
  • A 20% lower risk of myeloid leukemia
  • A 17% lower risk of myeloma
  • A 16% lower risk of colon cancer
  • A 15% lower risk of head and neck cancer
  • A 13% lower risk of rectal cancer
  • A 13% lower risk of bladder cancer
  • A 10% lower risk of breast cancer

The average of exercisers accomplished two and a half hours of physical activity per week. This is close to the average for the United States as a whole.

The study reported “a higher level of leisure-time physical activity was associated with a 7% lower risk of total cancer,” which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s JAMA Internal Medicine.

Steven Moore who led the study said “it can help people reduce their risk of heart disease. It can reduce the risk of diabetes. It extends life expectancy. And now it appears that it may reduce the risks of some cancers. Furthermore, our results support that these associations are broadly generalizable to different populations, including people who are overweight or obese, or those with a history of smoking.”
Conclusively, we can determine that regular physical activity is beneficial to every human on many more levels than just weight loss. Overall health and wellness should and must include some form of exercise, even just walking around the block or down the street can jump start you on your way towards a better, overall quality and length of life.