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Ways to Stay Active as a Family

Kids–despite their sometimes boggling boundless energy–can easily get into a sedentary routine with all the stillness that’s required of them. Car rides, school days, homework time, and the occasional Sunday morning cartoon can prevent them from developing key motor skills and strengthening their muscles, hearts, and lungs. Getting them into the habit of regular physical activity at a young age… Read more →

The Benefits of Being a College Athlete

Collegiate athletic teams not only bring in hundreds of millions of dollars every year, but they also ignite a certain level of camaraderie within the student body. Even the oldest of alumni flock to homecoming games and infamous rival match ups all for the sake of their team. The colors they so proudly wear which evoke memories of their undergraduate class united in celebration when… Read more →

Girls… Who Play Like Girls

Despite Title IX protecting females from sexism in any federally funded education program or activity, women are still finding themselves jumping over hurdles to be respected the way the boys are. To play in the facilities that are built for the boys. To get the exposure the boys get. To get paid the same as the boys. Yet still, female… Read more →