Kevin Pohmer

Kevin Pohmer Headshot

As the President of Financial Guard, Kevin Pohmer is a busy man. Financial Guard is a leader in the financial technology industry and is disrupting the traditional wealth management industry by bringing unbiased investment advice and transparency to its customers at a fraction of the cost that traditional banks and advisory firms would cost, all through the ease of using your own computer. Pohmer and Financial Guard have been featured in various media outlets, including Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, Barron’s, and The Columbus Dispatch to name a few. As you can imagine, running a business such as this is a taxing experience and draws heavily both on time and energy. That being said, Kevin knows the importance of having a well-balanced life and finds time for his family and hobbies.

As a former basketball player at Binghamton University in New York, one of Kevin Pohmer’s passions in life is basketball. His time playing sports in High School and College were vital towards cultivating his competitive spirit and he helps to keep it alive by participating in athletic activities in adulthood. He still finds time to play basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and even has run a marathon with his wife Sarah.

Having four young daughters, Kevin’s new favorite hobby is coaching and teaching them to play sports as well. His daughters ranging from 9 years old to 3 years old are involved in a variety of activities that include soccer, lacrosse, tennis, golf, basketball, and even piano. Kevin enjoys bonding with his daughters and giving back to the community by actively coaching the girl’s soccer and lacrosse teams.

Growing up on Long Island before moving to New York City also allowed Kevin Pohmer to grow an appreciation and love for the outdoors and the ocean. It might be unknown to many, but Long Island is actually home to some of the nicest beaches in America. In addition to his love for the ocean, Kevin enjoys the beauty and freedom of the mountains. An extremely active person at heart, Kevin and family can always be found taking trips to enjoy the waves or trails and pushing their bodies and minds. Kevin finds that his time enjoying the world’s natural beauties helps recharge his mind, body, and soul!